Wolf + Cardinal Presets

Wolf + Cardinal Presets were developed for all consumers as a quick tool to enhance your photography. These collections contain mobile and desktop presets and work with Lightroom and Camera Raw. Our collections were curated not only for a specific look, but also considering the environment in which they might be used. Remember, rules are meant to be broken so have fun and make your photos memorable!

Allison Kuglitsch / Owner & Retoucher

Preset FAQ

Software: Wolf + Cardinal presets are designed to use with the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app as well as desktop software (Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic, & Camera Raw). To use the desktop version of Lightroom, you will need an Adobe subscription (adobe.com) while the mobile version is free to all consumers.

Digital Files: Once you purchase your preset collection, you will receive a link to download your files. Each purchase will come with 2 sets of files (DNG & XMP) as well as PDF instructions on how to install your presets into Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Lightroom desktop. You can also reference the “How TO” page on this site for help.

DNG files are supplied for the mobile app while XMP files are supplied for the desktop version. If you own both Lightroom desktop and mobile software, you can save time and upload the XMP files to your desktop account and they should automatically sync to your mobile if signed into the same account. This will skip the double upload process!

Refund Policy: This purchase is for a digital download, thus all sales are final and refunds are not provided. You will have 24 hours from your first download before your link expires. We recommend making a copy of your downloaded files as backup for future use on all compatible devices. We are not responsible for refunds involving incompatible software or loss of the digital files.

Licensing: By purchasing Wolf + Cardinal Presets, you are purchasing the rights to use our presets while we retain the sole ownership of our products. The files purchased may be installed and used only by the licensee. While we encourage you to use our presets on your personal and professional photos, you can not share or resell these presets as your own.

We take pride in our products and want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Presets – How To



Download your purchased collection from the link provided. If your purchase does not automatically download to the Files Folder App, select the Files App as the location to download your file onto your mobile device. Can’t find the Files App? Go into your APP store and search for “files”. It will prompt you to open it there. Your zipped file should appear there once saved. Why are you getting a zipped file? You are sent a zipped file because it contains all of your resources in that one folder as one file. It has your presets for desktop, presets for mobile, and a pdf with instructions to help!

Next, click on the zipped file and see if it unzips to a new blue folder with your contents. If not, install a free unzip app (Unzip, Izip, etc) on your mobile to open your zipped file. Here you will unzip your file to show all it’s contents.

If using the Unzip App, go to the bottom and click transfer. Select Files/ icloud Drive to access your files folder. Click on the zipped collection you purchased. It should say “success” where you will then go to the Files folder (bottom left) where it shows your collection. Click on your collection. If a warning appears, disregard that and select “ignore all”. Your folder should extract and open to the contents of your folder (DNG folder, XMP folder, How To pdf).

If using the IZip App, select the folder where you saved your zip file (Files, Dropbox, etc)and it should unzip to show your Collection folder. Click the folder to show its contents (DNG folder, XMP folder, How To pdf).

* If you have trouble downloading to your mobile, download and unzip to your desktop and transfer the collection to a file share app that can be accessed by mobile (dropbox, etc).


1. Contents included in download: One folder with DNG files FOR MOBILE USE ONLY, one folder for XMP files for DESKTOP USE ONLY and a PDF guide. * If you are using presets for Lightroom Mobile only, you will only use the DNG files!

2. To import your first preset to Lightroom, make sure you have downloaded the FREE ADOBE LIGHTROOM APP first (LR ICON). Select the first DNG preset in your collection (Adorn I, FOXY I, etc). Click on the icon in the upper right corner (3 dots, box with arrow, etc) to open this preset in Lightroom Mobile. Depending on what app you are using you can either select “export to” OR a window will automatically pop up to open the Lightroom App. Select the Lightroom Mobile Icon. If you do not see it, click on “MORE” until you find it and select. Lightroom will open and import your DNG preset photo. Note: an image from Wolf + Cardinal Presets will appear with the preset already applied. You will now save this preset in your list of presets to save.

In the top right corner, select the circle with 3 dots and “Create Preset”. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the preset you selected. (For example, if you purchased and selected FOXY I, you will name it FOXY I). Then click “Preset Group” and pick or create the Collection you want your preset to live in (For example, If you are importing the preset “Foxy I” from the FOXY Collection, name your group FOXY to keep all of the FOXY presets in one group). You have now uploaded your first preset! Repeat these steps for each preset in the collection (Foxy II, Foxy, III, etc), keeping them in the same group you created (in this case, Foxy). **If you do not create a new Group for your preset collection, they will default to the “User Preset” group as you import them and you can find them there.

3. Once your presets are created and saved in Lightroom mobile, go to your photo library and select a photo you would like to adjust. Once selected, you will see tools at the bottom. Select “presets” and find your collection of presets. Select the one you want and apply – That’s it! You can save it, export it to your photo album, social media, OR make additional adjustments on your own! You photo is ready to share! See video below for a visual of step 2 & 3 above!


1. Download your purchased collection from the link provided and unzip the folder to your desktop.

2. Included in download: One folder for XMP files, one folder for DNG files, and a pdf guide. *If you are using this collection for Lightroom Desktop or Desktop SYNC to Lightroom Mobile, you will use the XMP files only!

3. For LIGHTROOM CC upload – Open Lightroom. Go to File, Import Profile and Presets, and select your new collection of XMP files. Your presets are imported! To find them, click on the preset icon on the tools panel to the right. Once open, go to the bottom of the panel and click the “Presets” button to show your collection. Your preset is ready to be applied photos in your library!

* If your Lightroom CC desktop account is synced to your mobile account, your presets should automatically transfer to your mobile device as well! Check in your settings to make sure they are linked!

4. For LIGHTROOM CLASSIC upload – Open Lightroom Classic. In the menu bar, click preferences. Select the Preset tab. Make sure that “Show partially compatible presets’ is checked and then click ”show Lightroom develop presets.” Open settings and place your presets here. Restart Lightroom.